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Our Story

Pilates and Conditioning, an Ace Pilates Studio located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. 

We provide Pilates classes for Athletes and Everyone.

Let's enjoy Pilates classes with our high qualification teachers in sport and rehabs field! 

Experience a great workout with our finely crafted BASI Pilates equipment.

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Originally calledContrology”. It was created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.


Pilates is a method of whole body exercise designed to improve daily activities and livelihood.

Pilates emphasis on core work, look "simple" but challenging

When it done correctly with good form, it is incredibly effective for aligning your entire body’s overall structure and supports the joints. It emphasis smaller and deeper stabilizing muscles of the body as much as your prime movers.

Pilates is a low impact exercise and ultimate rehabilitation modality for injury, post injury and injury prevention

Using core strength to develop functional and sustainable movement patterns throughout the body. It helps balancing strength with mobility and flexibility. Also, fine-tuning neuromuscular patterns and movement patterns,.

Pilates coordinate movement and breath together

It helps you move and breathe through your daily activities with more freedom and power and less pain.

普拉提早期稱為《控制學》,於1920年代由Joseph Pilates所創立​。





Meet Our Teachers

Experienced | Science and Rehabs background | International Qualification


Rosanne Ng

BASI Pilates teacher,

Master of Sport Science

CUHK Master of Science - Sports Science and Physical Activity 


BASI Pilates™ Comprehensive Teacher

BASI™ (國際形體藝術科學學院) 全方位普拉提(器械)導師

BASI Pilates™ Mat-work Teacher

BASI™ (國際形體藝術科學學院) 普拉提(墊上)導師

Rehabs Pilates Certification

Pre & Post Natal Pilates Certification


Registered Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer at AASFP & ICREPs


Stretching Instructor


Sports Massage | Healthcare Massage Certification 

運動按摩教練 | 保健按摩推拿證書

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